The navel of earth, Delphi

Delphi was built on the south foothills of the Mount Parnassus, at an altitude of 500-700m and close to the modern village of Delphi. It is also close to Athens (about 180 km), the Ski Center of Parnassus (44 km) and to the port of Itea (17 km).

From ancient times, Delphi, was the attraction for many visitors and of course there were many reasons for this: the Oracle, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Pythian Games or just because Delphi was the Navel of the Earth.

The myths that are related to Delphi, the history, the archaeological excavation and the imposing scenery made Delphi one of the most important tourist attractions of Greece. The archaeological site of Delphi with the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Treasuries, the ancient Theatre and the Stadium will help you to understand the reason!